Rural Signboard With Two Signs Saying - Open - Closed - Pointing In Opposite Directions.

Trading on a Sunday is crazy right?

I’d say INCORRECT, in fact I’d say that not trading on a Sunday is Crazy. I know that a majority of NZ Retailers open ‘9 – 5pm, Monday to Friday’ with a brief stint on Saturdays and perhaps open on the odd Sunday for special occasions.

I’ve heard every excuse for why retailers won’t open on Sunday.  A lot of those excuses revolve around long hours and trying to get the work life balance right. But closing on a Sunday in Retail is like not opening a restaurant on the weekends and here is why….

The world has changed and many people including myself work at least 9-5 five during the week so I never manage to get to the retail stores during the working week.

I’m also a working Mum of two living in Regional NZ and I always need things – like last minute Birthday gifts for birthday parties because I’ve found the invitation at the bottom of a school bag or school shoes, clothes and gifts for friends and family who are celebrating special occasions. I tend to get quite frustrated that local retailers think it’s acceptable for me to have to get in the car and drive to the big city just to access good shopping, life is busy enough.

It’s at this point I am faced with three options. The good old local Warehouse, taking a drive to my nearest city, or if I’m super organised shopping online….. however this is not always practical due to the time frame of the upcoming party (I await the drone delivery option).

So the question I ask you? Does it really makes sense as a retailer to close on a Sunday? Does your justification keep your customer’s satisfied, or will they end taking their business elsewhere to buy from a company that trades better hours and offers more extensive purchasing options?