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Daily Dose of Reality

So often I see business owners wasting money on advertising and this includes a few who have spoken with me Re: Monitoring Services. It’s the number one frustration in my line of work because I know they are wasting their hard earned money and short of slapping them in the face (which would not be very professional at all 😉 I wonder what it will take to make them see reality.

All too often I am called by a business owner who is the final survival stages before s/he has to close the doors. Not only is this stupid, it limits their ability to make changes and eliminates many opportunities due to lack of cashflow and capital to invest. So please don’t let this be you, please realise long before this process takes hold that running any business takes hard work, dedication, persistence and a lot of calculated risks.

If you are currently flying blind, spending money and unable to provide your numbers in detail then it might be time to take a long hard look at what you want and make a change. As responsible business owners (myself included) we need to take a daily dose of “Our Reality” combined with a commitment to become intimate with the numbers in our business. In my next post I’ll talk about what those numbers are.