Bellwether Foot Traffic counter at Renwick Museum

The following article was featured in The Malbourough Express.

Ray and the team installed our system last year and we are proud to be working with them.

Technology that tracks foot traffic coming through the Renwick Museum has rekindled the faith of the museum’s volunteers. Renwick Museum volunteer Sandra Welburn says volunteers installed a device to record the number of people coming through the archive’s doors, after they became worried that no-one was visiting. Volunteers work at the museum on Monday, but were not sure how many people were coming through the museum between Tuesday and Sunday when displays at the front of the museum were open but unstaffed.

Their only indication of foot traffic was a donation box, which got about $2 per week on average. “If it was a $5 week we were celebrating,” Sandra says. There were security systems in place when the museum was unstaffed.

At the beginning of December, a people counter was installed at the museum as well as a sign letting people know the museum relied on grants and donations. Sandra says the number of donations went up to between $20 and $30 per week after the sign was put up. Figures from the people counter showed that up to 15 people came through the museum each day, Sandra says. “We were absolutely blown away. “We didn’t realise just how many people were coming in and wandering around.”Volunteers could check the numbers from their own homes as the information was uploaded to a website.


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