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Counting People

Using 3D technology to track people, pedestrians & visitors in store, on the footpath or out of the tracks of NZ with 95+ % accuracy.

Software Illustration Conversion2

POS Integration

Integrate your POS system into the Bellwether Dashboard and track real time conversion rates.

Software Illustration Conversion2

Cloud Based Software

Real time reporting via the Bellwether cloud based platform. Easy integration with POS system and easy CSV data export.

3D Foot Fall Sensor

Bellwether Counters are silent and discrete devices that sit on the ceiling at the entrance to your store or shopping centre. The counters are a 3D device that operates above 95% accuracy. All data is captured in real time and is accessible via the cloud based Bellwether Dashboard System.

The Bellwether device can determine foot traffic walking in and out of the store and we can exclude children from the count, or group couples together to provide more accurate stats, when utilising for conversion rate statistics.

3D Camera